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This is my adult baby story and how my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of infantilism at the ripe old age of twenty six - I guess in adult baby terms you could class me as a late developer!

I'd always considered myself as fairly open minded when it came to most things but I can honestly say the thought of dressing up in nappies hadn't ever crossed my mind before that fateful Friday.


Anyway it was a Friday and I'd gone out straight from work with the lads from the accounts department. I work as an accounts manager and it had been a particularly stressful day and I was glad to leave the office and the stacks of paperwork that had been doing my head in far behind. The plan was to get something to eat, have a few beers and then either trapse home to wives and girlfriends or meet up later to go clubbing in town.


The beers were soon flowing and everybody was starting to unwind from a busy week at work and look forward to a relaxing weekend.


I was in a pretty good mood because I had arranged to meet my new girlfriend Jade later in the evening and she had rather mysteriously promised that she had a surprise for me. We'd only been seeing each other a few weeks by then and things were in the early stages of the relationship so I thought I had a fairly good idea what the surprise was going to be. Looking back now how wrong I was!

It got to about half past seven and people started sloping off home making their excuses as they went by which time I'd drunk rather more than I should have. I wasn't sure whether to call Jade and explain I was a bit drunk and see her another time or just turn up sheepishly and hope she wasn't too annoyed with me. The promise of a surprise was nagging in the back of my head so I decided to stagger my way back to her place and face the consequences.

It was November so dark by this time and had started to rain, but I told myself it wasn't far to her house from the pub and the rain was fairly drizzly. I'd cleverly left my coat in the car back at the office car park, the rain got heavier and her house didn't seem to be nearly as close as I had drunkenly calculated so by the time I got there I was absolutely soaking and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

When I knocked on the door she looked pleased to see me and laughed at the "drowned rat" on her doorstep. " Come on in, everything's ready for you," she said. I just nodded feeling a bit of a plonker by this time for drinking so much and turning up looking like this.

"We'll soon have you out of those wet clothes baby and all warm and snuggly again!"

Now this started to sound a bit more promising!!

Jade lead me by the hand upstairs to her bedroom and I was starting to perk up rapidly thinking of what lay in store. My mind was racing and I'm sure a stupid grin spread across my face.

" Right time to get you out of those wet clothes and into something more suitable," she said.

I started to undress and Jade began rubbing me dry with a big fluffy towel. I was definitely warming up and then it happened. I turned round to see Jade holding up the most enormous disposable nappy I had ever seen in my life. I'm sure the stupid grin soon slipped and she could obviously see I was totally confused - drunk or not I hadn't a clue what was going on here. Did she honestly expect me to put on that nappy??? I didn't know whether to shout at her, put my wet clothes back on and make a hasty retreat or go along with it. Truthfully I don't know if I had been sober what my reaction would have been but for whatever reason I thought " what the heck" and lay there silently as she lifted my legs patting my bottom dry and taped me into that disposable. When the tapes were done up she looked at me and smiled as if admiring her handiwork.

She then disappeared into her spare room and came back in with a huge baby vest and a sort of baby romper suit which she proceeded to dress me in all the time stroking my hair, cuddling me into her chest and telling me what a beautiful big baby boy I was. I actually started to relax. The romper suit was made of some sort of fleecy fabric and for some bizarre reason I started to feel really comfortable. It wasn't just that I felt comfortable I genuinely felt peaceful in a way I hadn't done for a long time. Jade was smiling at me all the time and looking back now I can't remember even feeling remotely embarrassed at being dressed up as a big adult baby boy. At that moment in time it seemed the most natural thing in the world to be lying on her bed in a fluffy romper suit being soothed and cuddled.

I don't know how long we had been lying cuddled up on the bed but I was starting to get a bit uncomfortable as the pints of lager I'd drunk earlier seemed to be wanting to make a hasty exit. I wriggled a bit trying to suppress the urge to piss.

Jade looked down at me nuzzling into her chest and said, "Does baby want a wee wee?"

I nodded. I felt a bit awkward now.

"Well baby has his nappy on, mummy will change you if you get wet," she smiled back.

Now I really didn't know what to do. It was one thing to get dressed up, but wetting myself!! I was twenty six for goodness sake. I was also zipped into a romper suit and poppered into a vest with a big padded nappy underneath so the chances of me making it out of my adult baby clothes and to the toilet on time were limited and the more I thought about it the more desperate I got to piss. I wasn't sure that I actually could piss in a nappy either and well Jade seemed alright with this but I didn't know whether I wanted my girlfriend changing my nappy never mind anyone else. I think I made the decision that I had quite enjoyed being dressed up as a baby so if I had gone this far then there was no turning back and I wet myself. The physical discomfort I had been feeling from my expanding bladder lifted immediately and I relaxed again.

Jade changed me into a fresh clean nappy wiping me down with baby lotion and cotton wool. The way she did it didn't seem to have any sexual overtones it was just loving I suppose. I felt pampered and cared about with nothing to worry about.

That night I stayed at Jade's snuggled up to her in my romper suit and that was my first gentle introduction into the world of adult babies. Jade and I have  been together over 2 years and live together now. When I have a hard day at work or am feeling stressed I really look forward to coming home to my adult baby mummy and being fussed over. I've even been lucky enough to stay as my adult baby alter ego all day sometimes and introduced to the pleasures of diaper sex but I'll save those stories for another time.

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